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Add Document:   Click Button to add a new document.

Recommended Documents:   Click Button to view and/or add a document from the list of template documents on file.


Add Document:

    1)  Enter name and description. Name is mandatory, description is optional but recommended. Association (is optional) and will tie your document to the template document Accreditation Now has in its Document Section. Review Frequency should be selected based on how often you would like this document to be reviewed - the vast majority of documents required by CARF need to be reviewed annually. You may change this later.

    2) Click Next Button.

    3) Tags: Click Edit Button, Enter the Tag or Group you would like this document to be grouped by. (You may enter multiple tags). Enter the Tag name and hit Enter Key and then repeat for any other Tags.

    4) Enter the Next Review Date you would like this document reviewed by.

    5) Upload New Version: Enter a description of why this document is being uploaded (Initial Load, Changes made for new standards, etc). Click on Browse Button and find the document you would like uploaded.

Access Control:

    Region: (If applicable) Select which Region should have access to this document. Leave All Regions listed if for all, remove any Regions the document shouldn't apply to.

    Location: (If applicable) Select which Location should have access to this document. Leave All Locations listed if for all, remove any Locations the document shouldn't apply to.

    Who can view this document? Select the individuals who should be capable of viewing this document. If you want all staff to have this capability, click the X to the left of your name and everyone (withing the Region/Locations) will be able to view.

   Who can update this document? Same procedure as Who can view this document.

   Who is in charge of reviewing this document? Select the staff member(s) responsible for reviewing this document. They will receive an email reminder when it is time for the document to be reviewed. (If you have reminders set up).

  Who should be notified if this document is not reviewed on time? Select the Staff Member(s) who should be notified if this document is not reviewed on time.

  Multi-Select: You may select and update multiple documents at one time. Once you select multiple documents you may;

   Multi-select updates cannot be done if you lack access to a document, if a document has been checked out or if you don't have update access to a document. This will be detailed once you select multiple documents showing you which documents your changes will affect and those that won't be affected.

   To download, review or check out a document, double click the document and the document details will be brought up in a modal window for you to do whatever you need to the document.