Accreditation Now Template Policies and Procedures for Download - This option will take you to where you can download sample CARF® policies and procedures documents, sample job descriptions, CARF® chages documents, harf copies of our electronic trainings, training documents for using the website and a list of resources from other sources.

Manage Policies and/or Documents - This option will take you to where you can upload your policies and procedures (or any other documents you like) and set them up so they can be viewed/reviewed/updated by all or selcted members of your staff. You can set up reminder options so that staff will receive reminders when it is time to view/update these documents.

Policy/Document Detail Report - This option will allow you to view/print a reposrt detailing the status of the documents that have been loaded to the Mange Policies and/or Documents section. It will show you which documents have and haven't been reviewed with the pertinent information as to when reviews are scheduled or completed and who is responsible for reviewing the documents.