Documents Help

Download Sample - This is a free sample document available to anyone who visits the website. You may download it to get a feel for the documents we have available.

Open All - When you first access the Documents Section, the groups are open so you can see the different sections we have that contains documents available for download. You may open a section by clicking on the section name (e.g., Leadership - Assess the Environment, Strategic Integrated Planning - Set Strategy). When you open a section, all of the titles and descriptions for documents we have within that section are viewable. If you click the Open All Button all Groups and Sections will be expanded.

Close All - This will collapse all sections and groups.

Search - You may enter text within the text box, click the Search Button and the Titles and Descriptions will be searched to see if the word(s) are located. All documents matching your search criteria will be displayed. To see the entire list of documents after you are through with your search - either click on the Menu Option "Documents" -or- erase the text in the search box and click the Search Button again.

Search Specific Phrase - If you are searching for a specific phrase, as in Forgot User ID, place the phrase inside quotes (e.g., "Forgot User ID"). If you type in the three words without the quotes it will pull up any items that have all three words within the title and/or description.